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Edison is the best way to manage internal support requests for your hotel. Feel free to sign up—anytime, anywhere. Users can download our app from the App Store on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • To start, simply sign up and join (risk free) using our sign up form here. You'll be brought to our account activation screen where you'll be able to enter in your credit card information and activate your account.

    No contracts, no tricky stuff - Account activation is immediate. Set up? A breeze! Try it out. If you get started and aren't completely confident that Edison can help improve the operations of your property, send us a smoke signal and we'll give you a full refund. All we ask is that you let us know how we might better serve you!

  • Edison works as a mobile sensory system by allowing the Insight of your hospitality team to be all places at once. With our interactive request system and Edison's mobile App, team members can notify, collaborate and immediately respond to the constantly shifting needs of your guests and property-wide operations.

    Using our responsive request system, team members create customized requests detailing the specific need of guests, staff or perhaps a maintenance issue. They can add custom tags to each request, allowing for easy filtering and assisted maintenance handling.

    Each Request is assigned to a department or team member who instantly receives an email alert or push notification. Each numbered Request is visible to system-wide to track, contribute and/or collaborate upon in order to resolve the request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    No more confusing email strands, lost guest requests, or forgotten maintenance progress reports. Whether coming from top-down or bottom-up, Edison Insight is your Hotel's accountability tool. Providing a structured outlet for management to assign detailed work requests, while at the same time giving team members the ability to address and fully meet these expectations in an open-forum.

  • The beauty of Insight hospitality lies in its simplicity, so we have no doubt that you'll be pros in a snap. However, we're all about covering our bases and getting the most out of our hospitality teams. Simply send us a note and we'll be in touch with training options to fit your team.

  • Edison can be utilized overnight. All you need is the App on your smart devices and to send a few User Invitations to allow your team access to your account. Open work orders can be quickly added to your Edison request lists and New Requests added as soon as your Edison Account is opened.

    A staff training session usually takes less than an hour and even shorter if you do it individually!

  • From small properties to large full service resorts, any hotel of any size can benefit from Edison. Maintain timeliness and property integrity, assuring high levels of service - what all hotels strive for.

  • Most work order systems are not built specifically for the hotelier. Edison understands the needs of the hotel. Easy communication, simple forms, and full transparency. Edison is the only work order system for your property.

  • Each request can be tagged with custom or pre-set tag phrases. By adding custom tags to your requests, you provide your team with endless filtering capabilities. Once added to a Request, simply search by tag title and all tickets sporting that tag will be grouped together for review.

  • Yes, Tags can be added when creating a new request or by editing an existing request, where they can be add AND/OR deleted from a Request.

  • Request Lists are a way to sort your requests into manageable groups. Instead of sifting through countless property wide requests, sorting your requests into lists allows for easy access and simple viewing.

    With custom Request Lists, you can group request tickets any way you'd like. Whether sorting by location, guest or maintenance requests, create as many lists as necessary! Unlimited access to Custom(er) resolutions, Edison truly does allow you to oversee operations from anywhere, all in real time.

  • When a new Request is created, it is assigned to a department or Team Member who is alerted to the Request. This alert is sent as an email and also as a push notification to the Assigned team member's smart device.

  • Anyone who is assigned to or reassigned to a Request will receive a Request alert which provides a link to take a closer look, comment upon or close a request.

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